Coalition 'burying past' over vegetation

(SMH) Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke has questioned what the coalition has to hide over the Howard government’s involvement in state vegetation laws. The Senate on Thursday allowed an inquiry to go ahead into laws that stop farmers from clearing their land due to environmental restrictions. The push for an inquiry was brought about through the 52-day hunger strike of NSW grazier Peter Spencer over property rights and Tuesday’s farmers rally in Canberra. read more

The Liberals signed the kyoto protocol locking up large swaths of private Australian land without "just terms" (s51 xxxi) compensation to the effected land owners. Where are ALL the promises written down to an Unconstitutional (s128) foreign governing body? Why is Tony Burke having trouble seeing what should be in the public record? What happens if the Liberal’s kyoto protocol promise are broken? This smells like a publicity stunt throwing bones out appearing to be doing something after Peter Spencer’s hunger strike attention.