Chinese State Owned Company: 75% Control of Tasmanian Wind Farm

Comrades, this weeks Ozzie money making machine enriching our communist party is – Musselroe!

(AustraliaMatters) Guohua Energy, a “wholly stated-owned” Chinese government “enterprise” has a 75% stake in Hydro Tasmania’s Musselroe wind farm in the north-east.

Back in 2008…

“The overwhelming public opposition to electricity privatisation in NSW has claimed the political scalps of former premier Morris Iemma, hated treasurer Michael Costa and deputy premier John Watkins” source

So our Australian government owned Hydro Tasmania can bend over for a foreign one party communist government, yet our same Australian government received backlash in NSW 2008 over electric privatisation? There must have been some interesting “free trade” sub-clauses in that post 2008 GFC $300 billion Chinese loan comrade Wayne Swan signed in our name.

Welcome to the international socialist, twilight zone.

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