China’s Huawei banned from NBN

(Financial Review) The federal government has banned Chinese technology giant Huawei from participating in multibillion- dollar tenders to supply equipment to the national broadband network because of concerns over cyber attacks originating in China. But Huawei is fighting the ban vigorously in public and by using diplomatic channels. It plans to announce its sponsorship of the Canberra Raiders rugby league football team in a bid to lift its profile in the national capital. Huawei sources have also hinted that the Chinese government will retaliate strongly against Australia if the ban on the company’s tenders is not lifted. Read More

You want commies screwing with Australia's NBN communications backbone?

Editors note: See what happens when we owe another country $300 billion–they think that they own us. I was sure the first “N” in ‘NBN’, meant “National”, not “I” for International. Go to hell, China! This is the same state that is now making their doctors swear an oath to the same communist party. Maybe we can learn something from the reds? Want to sway a whole nation (either yours or someone else’s) politically? Get to the sheep through their sports pages! Are we really that swallow as a Nation?

  • Verbewarp


    is this preferential fascism where the US, Israel and the UK are preferred (Do you trust the USA, the UK and Israel? Really? I don’t and not the maggots in Canberra either )and others like China (our major national client which buys ALL our shit[store-high-in-transit] +++ or,

    is this just the only move when you have a government that has almost completely stuffed Australian owned and supported commercial activit, so as to provide Labour to the US/UK mining industries, which,

    … by the way, appears to be favoring – outright (if what I am hearing from the FIFO types is correct, as well as a few head-hunters I know – who have never been busier) hiring foreign Labour IN PREFERENCE TO Australian Labour, by just about ALL major foreign share holder owned mining activities?

    Oh dear, is this your government at work behind the scenes looking after themselves again?

    Today, crucify Assange and tomorrow anyone else (which the US maggots want to kill) as so preferred?

    Are we going to relive the “yellow peril” again or just the “two Wongs don’t make a white” policies.

    WTF It’s all about the money… and the morons.

    And as Gillard is about to be booted want to bet on her next job?

  • aussierod

    Because I don’t worship communist China (80+ million dead under Mao), that equates to me supporting “preferential fascism” Israel, UK and the US screwing with our “N”ational Broadband Network?

    If “National” infrastructure can’t be built and run by the Nation it’s to be used in, then forget the whole f####ing N.B.N acronym.

    F### China,
    F### the UK,
    F### Israel,
    F### the US.

    Are we happy now?

  • Verbewarp

    There is a nice image here

    of Gillard giving the Nazi (fascist) salute.

    Will they ever learn? These arseholes think that they can have everybody on their knees obeying their commands and if they don’t accept these impositions of the know nothings on the whole populations, you will be criminalized!

    What arrogant and ignorant tripe that gets continually repeated ad infinituum by morons like Gillard and “Abort” et al.

    Death is just the milder form of tyranny! Let them masturbate and leave us alone!

  • Verbewarp

    @ aussierod “If “National” infrastructure can’t be built and run by the Nation it’s to be used in, then forget the whole f###ing NBN acronym.”

    To date the evidence is that this nation can build “FA” and that’s fact – they can’t even get the Education Depart, Centrelink, etc., systems to work… OZ is number 72 on the global chart for IT infrastructure – so Yes, forget it!

    The only IT system that works in Oz is the ATO supercomputer which accesses everything in real time – and, that’s a quote from an ATO bureaucrat who gets off on sticking to his fellow Australian. (It cost over a Billion Oz Dollars).

    NBN is a sick joke just like Telstra – even worse.

    Australians can’t build anything as we are not allowed! We are owned: Get over it!

    Remember Bush? “If you ain’t with us, you are against us”? Is this a real question or just fucking manipulation of the gullible and trusting?

    be cool. It’s your site after all.

    Ban me! Do a Gillard!

  • Verbewarp

    @ aussierod ”
    F### China,
    F### the UK,
    F### Israel,
    F### the US.

    Are we happy now?:

    It’s a good start. Are you suggesting that Australia should be managed for Australians? Gasp, Horror.

    I think that you could be cast out as a Heretic and burnt at the stake by Gillard and Co.

    It is about time that this Nation was governed by Australians of integrity and competence, which by the way, would not only be an unique event, but require a massive change.

  • aussierod

    “Are you suggesting that Australia should be managed for Australians?”

    Yes. If the Germans can do it, then so can we.

    Ban you? For implying I’m a preferential fascist that should worship Rothschild-Oxford trained communist scum banksters that deliberately keep their work force running on cents per hour as a global bat to break the work force backs of countries like Australia, America, UK?


    While we have the Union Jacob on our flag, I retract what I said about the UK. Why? Apart from it being my genetic homeland, in our so called democracy the majority of the Australian people want it there. I’ll never crap on Ireland, Scotland, England. I have a thing for Germany of late as well.

    I’ve never supported the idea of a NBN from the start.

    As you can see, Verbewarp, I live in a dream world.

  • Verbewarp


    Happiness is respect; mutual respect; where happiness is a pursuit and not a guaranteed commodity,

    like minding one’s own business and keeping your hands out of other people’s pocket,

    stuff that you don’t find in politics

    repeat: 😉