When Words Collide

(AustraliaMatters) Origine lesson from Mark McMurtrie on words brought to this land in 1788 and how they are used to control the masses. […]

“Our Generation” – Full length version (2010)

(AustraliaMatters) Aussiematters is owned and run by whites that have no problem hearing all sides of a story. This documentary has been out since 2010. Although SBS are promoting an Australian “tour”, we’ve not found evidence that SBS have yet aired this on TV. You sure wont see this on the ABC. Why? Because it exposes […] […]

Hamid Karzai lashes Aussie troops over deadly raid

(The Australian) AUSTRALIA’S reputation in Afghanistan was under fire last night after President Hamid Karzai lashed out at Australian troops for killing a 70-year-old man and his son in a “unilateral” night raid in pursuit of the rogue Afghan soldier who killed three Diggers last week. Read more. Editors comment: The above video we picked […] […]

Living Australian?

(AustraliaMatters) One is funded by multi-coloured Australian tax payers and stamped acceptable, while the other funds itself and is labelled racism. Oi, how about Living Australian? […]

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

(AustraliaMatters.com) Good thing about AM is we don’t need to update the site every two nano seconds with fresh content or rely on people buying crap from google ad banners. What am I saying? I’ve been lazy and to be quite frank, bored silly watching world goings from under the doona cover the last few […] […]

Invasion Day 26 January 1788

Australia Day

A warm howdy to all our Origine friends on this Invasion Day 26th January 2011.
Don't feel too bad — NWO bird cage liner Julia Gillard and crew are having boat people troubles as well.
(First Fleet friends see below post)

note: According to an Origine we like called Mark McMurtie, the white mans word"Ab" in front of the other white mans word "origine"  has a negative Latin root connotation along the lines of 'abnormal''


EU President declares that nation states are dead.

G20 Gillard and Rompuy

EU President declares that nation states are dead.

Will PM Julia Gillard stand up for Nation State Australia and tell that EU twit (who no one voted for) to buzz off? No of course not. Julia is a puppet for the same G20 NWO system trashing nation states.


Mark McMurtrie lessons in Australian law pt1