Dear so called Government,

(AustraliaMatters) Dear so called Government, I’ve been reading that you are seeking to enforce your will on private websites with more than 15,000 hits (visits) per year. Supposedly sites that get more than 15,000 hits per year are to be regarded as “news sites” and under your control. My small blog site here that’s hosted […] […]

(AustraliaMatters) Grass root activism is the best attack while out to expose NWO scum bags. We’re based on the Gold Coast, so the local Murdoch owned propaganda machine here called the Gold Coast Bulletin is a common haunt of ours. They don’t always allow our comments, and the ones that get through usually seem insane without some […] […]

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

( Good thing about AM is we don’t need to update the site every two nano seconds with fresh content or rely on people buying crap from google ad banners. What am I saying? I’ve been lazy and to be quite frank, bored silly watching world goings from under the doona cover the last few […] […]