FOI: Can a registered business in Australia directly charge tax?

I Can't Speak

(Right to Know)  From: Jim Gray.

Dear Australian Taxation Office,

I wish to see documented evidence that a registered business such as the Queensland State Government (ABN: 75818456675) can charge taxation.

By “charge tax” I am not talking about passing on someone else tax, but actually tax a person themselves.

I understand that a business can only charge for products or services via a tax invoice. If that business can charge tax, does that mean any business in Australia [can] charge tax?

Yours faithfully,

Jim Gray

Click here to read the ATO’s chicken shit non-response, response

AM comment: I would have kept the question simple — Dear ATO, is it lawful for CORPORATIONS to create and impose thier own direct tax on customers? When they reply with “no”, a follow up reply would go something like; “Thank you – I’ll dismiss all direct tax requests from ABN: 75818456675 as frivolous and unlawful.

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