By Their Associates Ye Shall See Them: Gillard & Obama

(Australiamatters) I was reading about a full page ad placed in the New York Post this week promoting a film called “Dreams Of My Real Father”. The film asserts Australian PM Julia Gillard’s mate Barry Soetoro — whoops sorry he doesn’t use that name anymore. The film asserts US President Barack Hussien Obama’s real father was in fact an American communist called Frank Marshal Davis. Sounds nuts, huh? The DVD is a top Amazon seller, and Obama has NOT filed for defamation. Silly America crap — but throw a Fabian socialist like Gillard into the picture and it becomes clearer seeing un-Constitutional international socialist treason through associations. I downloaded the whole film from a torrent site (I won’t link to) and watched it last night — I’m convinced. Free YouTube preview of the film is here.

“Obama is going to come clean about his real father, shame everyone for making his mother’s youthful indiscretions public, and ride the tide of sympathy into a second term.” Mike Rivero