Bowel cancer’s alarming rise in young people

(ABC NEWS) Australian oncologists are warning that young people are developing bowel cancer at alarming rates. Figures collated by Bowel Cancer Australia over the past 20 years reveal the number of bowel cancer cases found in people aged between 20 to 34 has risen 64 per cent. Read more

A better headline; “Eugenicists Celebrate: GMO, junk foods and fluoridated water causing expected rise in western youth cancers”  This isn’t happening to children in Quaker communities. You are what you eat.

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    “64 per cent” for FFS. I’m no fan of Charles Darwin, but even he would have pointed out his “theory” on evolution and cancer at 64% is bull crap. Proving the report is accurate and true, outside elements have to be at work affecting these groups. The article doesn’t even investigate the possibility of external influences on the children. Red flag there.

    Remember Dr John Holt? He was on the old Ray Martin show many times.

    I saved an uploaded some of the clips onto YouTube.

    Dr Holt was saving people with cancer that the main stream had turned away.

    Nationals John Anderson even tabled a petition into Parliament to have his work supported, but it was forgotten.

    That Dr Holt matter was the clincher for me showing the system and the government don’t give two stuffs about healing cancer.

    What do you reckon?


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