Bligh and MPs check into luxury hotel

Anna Bligh(SMH) Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and her ministers will check into a luxury Gold Coast hotel on Tuesday afternoon for their annual planning retreat. Ms Bligh says the Caucus gathering is vital to plan priorities for the year ahead, including how the state will continue to deal with the fallout from the global financial crisis. Ministers will put their heads together at the Watermark Hotel and Spa at Surfers Paradise, which offers four-and-a-half and five star rooms. "As we continue to feel the fallout of the global financial crisis, we are at a critical juncture in Queensland," the premier said in a statement on Tuesday. "Our government is determined to get on with the job of creating new industries, creating jobs and importantly, continuing to…." read more

….sell off $15 billion dollars worth of public owned and profitable assets??? Captian Bligh is beyond sober belief. We live near Brisbane and had to put up with this horror woman implementing without public referendum, fluoride into our drinking water while she was an unselected intern. A good commentary about public owned assets being sold off can be read from Ziggy Zapata’s website here The same silly $%$#% while out trying to find fiat currency, is going to blow $350 million moving grade 7 children into high schools. Hey NSW, now you know why you’re GST  is heading up north to Queensland.

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