Beat Gillard’s NKVD: Use Envelopes!

Ever seen GOV-CORP take envelopes from private home letter boxes? LOL

(AustraliaMatters) With all the liberty hating vampires around, whoops, GOV-CORP fascists profiting from your diminishing pre 9/11 freedoms, I forced myself yesterday (instead of eating chocolate bunnies) to look into and learn to encrypt my e-mail communications. Straight up, I have nothing to hide via e-mail that isn’t listed on this site already. So why learn how to place my electronic letters in an electronic envelope? Turn the question around. Why send letters without envelopes? That’s what regular e-mail sending is.

The term “e-mail” is misleading 1984 newspeak. The term should be ‘e-postcard’!

Free email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc encrypt (in their envelops) users letters. But that’s not good enough!! Those that know what “public” and “private” keys are should comprehend those keys are kept on the Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail computers. Those free services are owned by the pro-NWO enemy!! Would you trust them with the keys to your home letter box?

Using free Hotmail POP, Gmail POP etc. accounts are fine providing you first place your letters in YOUR OWN SECURE ENVELOPES before sending your contents through those NWO data mining machines.

The process of putting your letters in your own secure envelopes is done on your computer.

This post wasn’t meant to be a tutorial. It’s a post to include my FREEDOM PGP pubic key and brag at the so called GOV-CORP powers that be.

Oi, GOV-CORP fascists, I reclaimed my G-d (see “G-d” in the Preamble of the Australian Constitution) given privacy rights for FREE!

Popular free open source software called Gpg4win that does the job in Windows can be found here. On my windows machine, (yes, the enemies OS) I have Gpg4win installed and a free open source plugin-in for my open source Thunderbird email client called Enigmail. Gpg4win has a pre-installed open source email client called ‘Claws Mail’, but I’m happy with Thunderbird.

On my open source Linux Mint machines all I needed do was add the same Enigmail plugin to my Thunderbird client.

I found it all a bit overwhelming at first, but I took my time going through the documentation. They say freedom has a price, but so does privacy. Bugger the electronic vampires with a stake up their ass — put your letters in secure envelopes!

Below is our secure PGP public key for our feedback e-mail address. Regardless of how many computer hops around the world your e-mail travels through — the only person that will see your message is the person you wanted to see it.

-Rod Freeman

Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32)