Bank of England Hints China to Save World

Deer in the headlights -- Sir Mervyn King looking to China to spend more to save the world.

(AustraliaMatters) It wasn’t that long ago China was a huge rice patty under the control of Japan. This week the Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King is hinting that an economic collapse in the Euro zone is coming very soon. Supposedly China would be one of the saviours providing they “expand their domestic spending” so countries like England don’t have to borrow so much from them. Yeah, like China needs to spend more on brand new ghost towns within China, not.

Australia is currently $200+ billion in debt to communist China thanks to Treasurer Wayne Swan. Yeap, the same Wayne Swan that received an international award a few weeks ago for supposedly being our great treasurer. Peter Costelo must be feeling a bit crap after that. Gee, if I could stick Australia into a carry bag and take us down to the Chinese pawn brokers, maybe I could get an award as the best Australian borrower as well? Just think, after 12 years of the Howard government we were $10 billion up. Governments that can issue bonds can issue their own currency. Remember when Jackson, Lincoln and JFK tried to give the Americans their own constitutional money? International Rothschild banksters didn’t like that idea.

Anyway, stock market trader Alessio Rastani has been making waves the last two weeks when he announced on BBC TV that Goldman Sachs “rules the world” and they are going to soon let the economy fail in Europe. See the video

Looks like big trouble in little Australia soon. Ow, Waynie poo will just go back to the hock shop and hand over our last few possessions as collateral for another few hundred billion. Do we still own anything?