MH17 Shoot Down: Who Benefits?

mh17_wreck(AustraliaMatters) Who shot down flight MH17? Unlike Alan Jones and the like, we’re not going to pretend we know that answer based on current evidence.

On the other hand, who would benefit from such a horrid crime?

Before the MH17 shoot down, the Israel-Gaza situation was front page Australian news. After MH17, it’s page three and heading further south.

Reminds us of Donald Rumsfeld the day before 9/11 admitting the Pentagon lost $2.3 trillion. The day after 9/11 that story conveniently dropped off the radar.

Sadly the last two week death toll in Gaza-Israel is near double that of MH17. Yet those like Alan Jones only demonize Russia’s President Putin.

Putin would have to be a complete moron to pull off MH17 after his very recent and successful BRICS attendance. Russia and a few other countries (China, Brazil, etc) are setting up their own development bank.

No doubt BRICS is pissing off the masters of international usury at the IMF and World Bank. Maybe even enough to frame those that threaten their long standing economic strangle-control over the world.

It makes more beneficial sense than the unsubstantiated drivel those like ass clown Jones are spewing.

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