Authorities gain power to collect Australians’ internet records

Roxon: One World Police State

(SMH) Laws passed today will allow authorities to collect and keep Australians’ internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said the laws would help police track cyber-criminals around the globe…[…]

But Greens communications spokesman Scott Ludlam said the laws went further […]

”The European treaty doesn’t require ongoing collection and retention of communications, but the Australian bill does,” Senator Ludlam said. ”It also leaves the door open for Australia to assist in prosecutions which could lead to the death penalty overseas.” Read more

Editors note: The Nazi’s slowly set their police state up as well. Banning guns, then moving onto “papers please”. One has to wonder what Nicola Roxon, err, Nicola Ropschitz’s Jewish grandparents would think about their granddaughter helping build a global Marxist data base on Australians. This ties in with the use of citizens CCTV and facial recognition software called, Trapwire. Mobile phones should be called CLD’s (civilian locating device) as they are traceable with GPS, 3G etc. This isn’t just about the internet. It’s about you being treated as guilty 24/7 under consent surveillance. I wonder if Ropschitz will utilize those IBM machines like the Nazis did. This is the same Attorney-General that last week wanted all your computer passwords. There’s a reason they use women for these roles. Incremental ploy in a female velvet glove for that long warned about international military industrial complex, set up by banksters stooges like, Ropschitz.
  • Verbewarp

    What is happening is that Societies all over the World are breaking down in structure and organization; this means that moralities and ethics AND values have been seriously eroded.

    Similar groups of ethnicity, religion, social groups, political Party’s, and all and any such collectives are pointing the finger for their economic hardships on other groups as to their Cause.

    This has happened for almost ~5,000 years now and probably more; that is, it is always their fault. It’s become a political strategy.

    Note that the October Revolution of 1917 pointed the finger at the Royals and had them executed: please note that they shot Romanov and his wife by bayoneted the children to death, as if with great enjoyment. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all Jewish as were most of the Bolsheviks but none of them cared what particular grouping and or collectives they killed. Stalin and Trotsky only disagreed on one point which was who should be the Boss: Stalin finalized the argument by have an Ice Pick smashed into Trotsky’s head in Mexico. Global Totalitarian Communism is the Goal, as it permits Mass-Sacrifice, an ancient rite of the later Atlantean Races.

    The Bolshevik, Trotskyite’s (today’s US “neocons”) goal was Global communism which was to be accomplished by genocide of most of the World’s population – today the goal is numbered at 6.5 Billions (they chose who, not you) – and confiscation and control of all property and assets. Of course, the upper echelon of the Trotskyites’s would rule, and rule ruthlessly with purge after purge; Stalin’s proven model to accomplish the destruction of humanity and Society.

    It is interesting that Germany at the time of the lead-up to Hitler’s rise, that anti-Jewish sentiment had not only been taken up by the German peoples from mainly the Jewish Bolshevik’s actions in Russia, but strengthened through a strategy of a supporting propaganda program initiated by Hitler himself.

    Indeed, The anti-Jewish sentiment was nought but a Hitler imposed strategy of taking advantage of a natural finger pointing trait amongst groupings; whereas Hitler and his aides felt that the anti-sentiment towards the Jewish race was the strongest at that time and would bring them to power much faster that all other political tactics. Hitler wanted absolute power and he saw that firing up anti-Jewish sentiment was his best strategy to accomplished this task. Of course, Hitler true-believing cockroach following just eagerly embraced the murder that followed; but it can happen anywhere, don’t believe that this actioning is confined to Nazi Germany of Lenin’s Russia.

    Mind you, both here in Australia, the UK and especially the USA, the hatred of those Jewish peoples was also high on the social order, at that time. Group hate is infectious and used as a political strategy. Watch Gillard if you need proof.

    “Antisemitism” is a political tool, just as Terrorism is a political tool (invented by Stalin so he could go on to genocide over ~50 Millions of the Russian Peoples) whereby all this nonsense is deployed to make fools of good men/women to part with their lives and assets for a few clever but evil murderous bastards. It shifts the reality from these crazed savages, parasites and evil mass-murderers to the really innocent but foolish dupes of the Jewish diaspora. If it wasn’t them, it would be another grouping like today’s computer users and followers of Wikileaks and Assange. Soon it could be old and then the disabled; the political appetite for devious enterprise is insatiable.

    Our Australian leadership today are totally mesmerized by these Trotskyites aka “neocons” (The Lowy Institute aids this process intensively, taking its orders from Mossad and the US AIPAC bases) that have grasped control (just like Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin before them) of the US Bureaucracy, which is always most eager to bow before the pulpit to kiss the hands of thisd awful Black Power; noting that the Trotskyite/neocon rabble have complete control over the US State Department and everything attached thereto.

    The US will totally collapse before the end of 2012 but these relentless evil and murderous bastards will keep coming at us for what they desire is mass-sacrifice as the Aztec Indians, sons and daughters of the last of the crazed Atlanteans before them) practiced before them.

    Our Government is with this lot of festering non-human living dead and we must each prepare for the worst.

    The World of Humanity has entered a new Dark Age; a Global Dark Age and the First Global Revolution.

    Be of pure heart and get in their face.

  • aussierod

    Wall Street capitalist Jewish banker Jacob Schiff financed Jewish Bolshevik Lenin and Bronstein. (1)

    You sound like a thought criminal.

    Resistance is futile.

    Sure she’s 45 years old, single, fabian labor, and possibly in the closet.

    Submit to the Ropschitz authoritah.


    Page 123: The Creature from Jekyll Island