Australia’s Slow Death

2011_fertility rate

(AustraliaMatters) The Russian government not only monitors fertility rates, but they also inform their country folk when matters are dire. The population in Russia has been dwindling so low that their government gives the people a day off to go home and have sex in attempts to have more babies.

The above chart is not Russia’s very low fertility rate – the above chart is Australia’s record low chart from 2011. Aussie, we’re dying. 1.88 babies per one mother and one father means the death of Australia. We need at least 2.0 to remain at par.

Busy Anglo–Celtic-Saxons and their work carers, high costs of living, yarda yarda yarda…you know the story.

Where’s our so called government making this national long term security situation a major public matter of concern and offering solutions like a day off to make babies? Nowhere! Ow OK, buried on their website (we tax payers fund) they tell us we’re dying, but sshh, keep your pants on and this keep dire information to yourself.

Besides, Muslim immigrants breed like rabbits (3+ children per family) and the boat people (usually Muslim) are still flooding in. Sydney looks like neo-China as well. Comrade Kev’s supposedly flying in more from Indonesia. They’ll all save us.

Sit back Aussie, take a cold shower, she’ll be right.