Australia’s New South Wales police get new burka powers


(BBC) Police in Australia’s New South Wales state have been given more powers to remove burkas and other face coverings to identify crime suspects. Anyone who refuses to show their face could now be jailed for up to a year or face a heavy fine. Read more

When in Rome… When in Australia, do what the Australians all have to do or take a one way trip to the middle east. We’re surprised by the lack of backlash over this from the Islamic community compared to the same matter when it happened in France–they started wearing surgical masks instead. Prediction: We’ll hear more about this in the future.

related: NSW Department of Health: How to fit and remove a surgical mask (PDF file)

  • Anonymous

    Look at the harsh rules in UAE, for example: can’t hold hands/kiss/show affection in public; can’t sleep in the same room of the other sex unless you’ve got proof you’re married; can’t drink outside designated areas; can’t dob in someone for rape – all of these, and more, will land you in jail.

    So yeah, you come to our country then you abide by our rules or f### off!