Australian Protectionist Party achieves registration

(APP) The National Committee of the Australian Protectionist Party is pleased to announce the registration of the Party with the Australian Electoral Commission. “The decision by the AEC to register the Party is a positive step following several years of hard work by members creating websites, party publications, branches and the general foundation of the party with which we intend to contest future elections” Mr. Phillips said. read more

pigeons_cat.jpgWe’re not sure about any one political party at the moment — We’re in favor of local grass root independents surgically focusing on and completely removing ugly political cancers such as Rhodes Abbort, Goldman Turnball and Socialist Gillard. We believe immigration problems are the responsibility of Canberra. Immigrants that later come along and throw their incompatible ideologies in our faces were allowed into Australia by Canberra. We’re not sure the APP see’s the immigration issue that way around. What we do know is that the proven “new world order”  Liberal-Labor strangle hold on Australia has to cease before they throw us into some whacky E.U like system that’s been wanted by international banksters since the 1950’s. Needless to say we support throwing new cats amongst old pigeons.

Membership with the APP is currently FREE

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  • Andrew Phillips

    Thank you for your comments about our registration and also the general work you are doing on this site.

    However, I am not sure about your comment regarding the current wave of immigrants throwing their incompatible ideologies were allowed into Australia by Canberra and “we’re not sure APP sees it this way”.

    Of course the globalist policies pursued by the politicians in Canberra are responsible for letting these people in our country-who else is to blame? Furthermore, they are reinforced by the education system which force feeds our children into accepting the loss of national sovereignty and identity- in effect disfranchising and virtually emasculating the next generation.

    I too wish any decent independents all the best in addressing the many issues confronting our nation, but there is also a need for a political party in these times to speak out on the issues of Free Trade Agreements, freedom of speech, immigration and a whole raft of issues- areas which often are not touched by many independents (with perhaps the exception of Mr Katter).

  • admin

    Welcome Andrew.


    How much compensation do the families of these dead people deserve from countries like Australia that partook in an illegal invasion of Afghanistan in 2001? My wild guess is #ucking heaps!!!

    Regarding AFGAN boat people only – I'm one of those rare people that share a sense of compassion for people that've had their homeland invaded by Australian, American and other troops.

    I don't have the figures in front of me, but I'm guessing the arrival of Afgan boat people into Australia BEFORE 2001, was very very low???? Am I right?

    I myself am a boat person. My DNA arrived here in a wooden boat 200 years ago from England. I also believe the only people that have a right to complain about boat people are the traditional land owners that have been here 40,000 years. They are really getting tied of my white Aryan ass still being parked here. I've been meaning to find a local tribal member and find out how to treaty with them. I really love (in a blokie way) Origine Mark McMurtie.


    The way i see things — post 9/11 Afgan's are only coming to Australia (and other countries)  for one of two main reasons..

    1. To organize "terror" plots in Australia.
    2. Their homeland has been under illegal occupation by boat people from Australia, America, England and other countries since 2001. They don't like it and are afraid for their lives and are leaving risking their lives on the high seas to find refuge!
    I'm going with number 2. There is no option number 3.
    Andrew, in regards to Afghanistan boat people, like it or not, Australia is reaping financially and spiritually what it sowed back in 2001.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the AAP party get in office, and then telling Australia the truth about a wider range of issues starting with September 11, 2001 and the real reason Afgans are fleeing via boat.

    Seeing as how you like what we do here, we'd be impressed if the APP placed a link on the APP site to At the same time we understand that doing so would make the APP an easy target for the controlled main stream media. Trade union boss Kevin Bracken knows what we mean.

    Have a nice day.
    King Regards,
    Rod Freeman.
    PS: "Money" (IOU notes) in Australia is worthless. We dropped the gold backing in 1933 and changed over to a goods based economy. Last time I checked the goods we buy are coming from China. I email the the RBA and asked them how much the production cost of one (1) $100 specimen is. To my surprise they emailed back and said "20 cents". I must email back one day and ask them how much it costs them to make a 20 cent coin.