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AustraliaMatters.com Political Art Gallery: I was going through the old section of our site today (26/02/12) and had forgotten about all the political art we had done in the past. These aren’t quiet as good as David Dees, but we tried. All images have been collected and placed on this page. Original references in relation the news they were posted with can be found in the old section of the site. We have no problem with folks using these images. But use at your own risk, as the original bits and bobs we used were found using google images.


-Rod Freeman

Save the planet Kelvin – Expire your family first.

She ran their bank, now she runs their carbon tax agenda. MORE

ABC TV ran witchcraft indoctrination “programs” for children at the same time.

1991 — Carbon cats been out of the bag for a while.

This was before his “official” death. Darn 2001 kidney problems.

Hitler have a Minster for Propaganda?

Top priority — ban evil Playboy Magazines.

Where’s God’s representatives, Fielding and Pell?

GAOTU Masons love their checkered floors.

$900 from dear Rudd ($300 billion loan from China to cover it)

Comrades, obey war criminal Kissinger like I do, and swear at air stewardesses.

If you haven’t seen the movie “They Live” then click here

I didn’t know at the time while making this — Tony “monk” Abbort’s wife Margie is ex-Rothschilds

Making the world safer for Israel. (that “ran the 9/11 terror cells”)

Bikies wearing club rockers under attack Australia wide for one death at an airport. Banksters in business suits left alone to grow poppies, kill millions and steal in Iraq, Afghanistan.

Put your “They Live” sunglasses on.

Sue Morphet — Smug decaying BONDS bitch.

Production cost 20 cents. $99.80 to the “not a government department” RBA for doing nothing.

And now they want us to swallow artificially sweetened Iranian tablets.

They call this progress (for Rothchild luciferians)

She’s for illegal drugs and government control over life and death.

Such beauty from such a Greenie

230+ years and the European pirates still rule.

Bolshevism’s missing party member.

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