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(AustraliaMatters) I wasn’t sure about the team selections a few weeks ago, but now I am. Many people are worrying this last week about America coming and “taking over” Australian soil “permanently”. Been to and seen Sydney lately? It’s not Yanks taking over there! Others like Alan Jones supposedly don’t care about the Yanks coming. I’m of the opinion that what’s going on now is “blow back”. (Operational term used to describe planning that went wrong)

My big picture is, that Israel wants to attack Iran. It’s as simple as that, but they can’t do it while China might step in unbridled and defend Iran. Supposedly Russia would side with Iran as well. China and North Korea are mates etc..

In regards to the American military on Australian soil–the only people that should be concerned are those without hydrogen nuclear bomb shelters, adults of conscription age, and those against Israel-America invading Iran.

As far as I know 50,000 Jewish people happily live in Iran, and the only real evidence of nuclear activity I’ve heard about is nuclear power stations supposedly operated by Russians. Yes I’ve seen the U.N reports. They also claimed Iraq had WMD in 2003 and supposedly threw babies out of incubators in 1990. Both stories were complete U.N and PR, B.S.

So what if Iran ever gets a bomb. Israel has 200+ last time I checked.

So what if they all blow themselves up, I’m in the southern hemisphere where their fall out won’t bother me.

Ow that’s right, the Chinese matter. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing they have long range goodies that could hit Australia, or at the very least, submarines that can.

Ow what a tangled web they all weave–or a script they are following. Is there some way to move them all to another planet to play Biblical Armageddon prophecy on so I can watch my politically incorrect ‘Kingswood County’ re-runs on a Sunday arvo without having to answer emails all day long about the big bad Americans (from the same Pommie stock as me) and their new world disorder mission to make the world safer for paranoid Israel?


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  • Verbewarp

    Love the Vicki pop-up
    who is probably the most aware person in Australia.
    FYI the demographics of the USA are far, far different from Australia.

    And, BTW, “shalom” not only means peace, and greetings, but also to “be-come”.


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    If you don’t mind me asking Verbewarp, what ethnicity are you?

    I’m half Irish / half British.

    Aussie Rod.