Australia to pay for Indonesian forests

(Courier Mail) AUSTRALIA is to spend $30 million to protect forests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, to tackle climate change. [..] Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the project would protect trees on the mineral soils of the province of Jambi, and comes on top of an existing conservation project in the swamp forests of central Kalimantan. [..] Australia will not be able to count the greenhouse emissions saved against its own target to cut emissions. But international negotiations over a new climate deal may allow countries to pay others to cut their emissions, then count the emissions savings themselves. Australia has promised to send money to the developing world to help tackle climate change, as part of UN climate negotiations. read more

I went to work today to help fund some East Timor hating clowns in Indonesia? What’s wrong with the Indonesian government funding their own Sovereign matters? They don’t want our cows any more, so they’ll be saving $700 million a year. I must have been dreaming, but I could have sworn that the Copenhagen meeting was a flop and no ETS is in Australia. Why don’t we bail out Greece as well — This Ms.Ying-yen Wong woman giving away money we don’t have needs to be sacked ASAP!