Australia offers NZ soldiers $250k to swap armies

(NZ Herald) Kiwi soldiers are being head-hunted to join the Australian Army with $250,000 cash bonuses. The hired guns are getting the lucrative sign-on fee, as well as fast-tracked citizenship, in a bid to boost Australia’s military ranks. But the move to recruit foreign “mercenaries” from New Zealand – and other countries including America, Germany, South Africa, Poland and Singapore – has angered veterans’ groups across the Ditch. War graves advocate John Saddington told the Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne that the practice was “an absolute disgrace”, adding: “We are hiring mercenaries.” Read more

Editors note: What ever happened to national borders, national pride, culture? Devotion to ones own country a dirty word now days? Money the new master?

‘Hey kiwi bro, come join the Australian army — we fight and die on behalf of middle eastern “greater Israel” policy brought about by 9/11 lies. Hey cousie bro, don’t worry about our 1825 white pirate scams. Screw your 700+ hundred years of culture, your honour, your heritage — come fight and die for our white pirate queen, bro!

Looks like we’re getting ready for a scuffle with China, huh?

news tip: Verbewarp

  • Verbewarp

    Would you attack a Nation that out-weighs you ~23M to ~1.30B?

    Would you invite the greatest looser Nation in the world today (USA) to take over your Nation?

    Would you impose a Carbon Tax on your citizens that only profits the World’s leading Bankers?

    Would you employ foreign Nationals as Mercenaries while ignoring the poverty of your own citizens?

    Would you impose strict Laws and Regulation on your Nations citizens that totally dis-enfranchises them from being human beings?

    Would you — ?

    Only Julia Gillard would! Why? She is a Fabian Cultist that kow-tows to the USA and the UK and Israel!

    Get rid of Julia and Abbort! Or, end up like Bolshevik Russia under the Trotsky Lenin Zionists of 1918 that executed intentionally ~23 millions Russians.

    The time cometh.

  • aussierod

    I was just going over this video again

    I’m trying to find out who the guy at the 24 minute mark is.

    This video is prior to 2009 and what happened at Fukushima.

    He’s claiming he received a visit from a secret intelligence agency in Australia.

    He says they were rattling on about Australia to be used as a “bunker” (for Americans) for when a new (deliberate?) “Chernobyl” like disaster happen in the northern hemisphere, and war with China breaks out.

    You know who this guy is?

  • Verbewarp

    I don’t know this guy; but I know ,many of those referenced materials herein. I also know the lash of the “

    It’s the game that nobody sees; it’s the Semite game which has been alive for thousands of years. The Semites are the 5th. sub-race of the Atlanteans – a primitive discourse.

    Are you in doubt when Australian Passports end up in the hands of Mossad Agents killing whomever – anywhere?

    Let me make it straight: Israel controls the USA – and the USA controls Australia.

    Fear the “Sayanim” as they are everywhere; and they are here; not tourists; citizens; I meet them daily and YOU are their enemy!

    Israel and the USA is before whom Gillard (and Abbort) bow!

    Israel wants Global domination – and – today Holds that Position.

    Today, Israel controls the World. You / we are their sacrifice to El.

    BTW: If you can’t see this , you haven’t been anywhere.

  • Verbewarp

    By the Way:

    The “Sayanim” hate you if you are Goy; and, all are Goy. They are your friends and neighbors and colleagues; They despise you!
    This is the essence of their belief system.
    They are a fungal unity; a single celled amoebic parasite!


  • aussierod

    “Semites are the 5th. sub-race of the Atlanteans”

    LOL, most Arabs are Semites as well.

    What “sub-race” are Asians?

  • Verbewarp

    All different and besides tribal mixings:
    A large number are Lumereans and the rest 6th. and 7th. sub-races. There also has been some Aryan mixing.
    As I said: Semites. Their introductions into the Mediterranean regions were tribal driven due to sinking areas and grande volcanic upheavals over long epochs.

    I might also add that the Holy Land as defined by all religious and Gnostic academics is the Planet Earth and not just Palestine aka as The Levant and sometimes referred to as Israel. This should lift the hairs from the back of your neck. The game is the USA and the players are the same of Bolsheviks led by Lenin and Trotsky.

    Israel is an ancient term for the Planet. As regards the Jews, the Exodus never happened where Moses – the name – is the mirror image of YAHWEH who is esoterically the son of Elohim or, the process of be-coming from man the unaccomplished to man the Accomplished or Man, a God. Don’t take this literally, but what you end up with is that YAHWEH is synonymous with Jesus – and Christ is the energy principle known to the Asians as Dai Chi. Same stuff.

    You might profit from reading this which will help you comprehend the insanity of politics today. The Americans killed him; it is what they do best – not very well, but they enjoy the game of blood letting.

    The US is now finally imploding.

  • Verbewarp

    The Hyskos often get mixed with Semites as well, probably because of tribal mixings and the fact that like the Semites they were sheep and goat herders who really worshiped the Gods of Fire (Volcano Gods of mass sacrifice eg The Aztecs) and the Bull (The Planet Saturn / Ba’al). Sheep and goat herders were formally Hunters and hence of the Gods of Sacrifice.

    “The Hyksos rulers of the fifteenth dynasty of Egypt were of non-Egyptian origin. There are various hypotheses as to their ethnic identity. Most archaeologists describe the Hyksos as Semitic peoples from Asia since the names of their rulers such as Khyan and Sakir-Har incorporated Semitic names. The Hyksos kingdom was centered in the eastern Nile Delta and Middle Egypt and was limited in size, never extending south into Upper Egypt, which was under control by Theban-based rulers except for Thebes’s port city of Elim at modern Quasir. Hyksos relations with the south seem to have been mainly of a commercial nature, although Theban princes appear to have recognized the Hyksos rulers and may possibly have provided them with tribute for a period. The Hyksos Fifteenth Dynasty rulers established their capital and seat of government at Memphis and their summer residence at Avaris.”

    But on record, many of these peoples came from the West (Atlantis) Circa 2000BCE and were crazed and spent most of their time studying ancient Egyptian texts until they were evicted from Egypt Circa 1500 BCE and this is probably the same people of Palestine today in the guise of the Jewish people. The mad Zionists. That is a grouping that have usurped the Jewish religion to hide their real beginning and real obedience to the Gods of Sacrifice.

    It is obvious that the existing records have been manipulated to favour the Jews, but this is all a facade.

    But it is interesting.

    It really looks like a consistent plot to take over the World.