Australia giving up to $12.5m to Africa

African diamond.(SMH) Australia is handing up to $12.5 million in additional aid to Africa to enhance ties as well as drum up support for a seat on the United Nations Security Council. […] Australia would contribute $6 million during the next two years towards UN peace building with $4 million going to the UN Peacebuilding Fund and $2 million to support efforts in Burundi and Sierra Leone. Australia will also provide $500,000 to support South Africa in developing the Southern African Development Community climate change plan of action. Mr Smith said Australia would contribute up to $6 million in extra funding to cooperate with South Africa in supporting the recovery of the Zimbabwean economy and basic services. This funding would support collaboration between the South Africa and Zimbabwe taxation authorities to build Zimbabwe’s taxation administration. read more

Socialist Smith takes our tax money and gives it up, not loaning it out, to a foreign country on the other side of the planet with a population of  "49,320,000" to create a "taxation administration"? How about we keep our $12.5 million here in Australia and give it to our farmers in payment for any surplus wheat and canola the Africans might like instead? Or how about ‘De Beers’ that was funded by Rothschilds and has been plundering Africa of diamonds all these years, pays the "peacebuilding" bill instead?