Aussie Soldiers in AFRICA

2012: Look who's following in the foot steps of Rothschild funded Cecil J Rhodes to plunder Africa.

(SouthernTimesAfrica) Harare – Could Australia be planning some sort of military action in Africa, specifically Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria? Absurd as such a question would have sounded just a fortnight ago, the possibility now seems real. Australian media this past week claimed Canberra had deployed special forces to the three African countries on “intelligence-gathering missions” Read More

Editors note: Heads up credit to JB that sent this sad news on a happy Sunday while I was trying to forget we’re home alone with limited protection against  bizerka covert usury banksters and overt crazies threatening world domination through a “religion of peace.” Makes me wonder if I want to go to work on Monday and pay retribution (AKA taxes) to help fund this next foreign invasion, whoops, foreign “intelligence-gathering mission”. Canberra dog droppings, please acquire a modern play book. We remember when Canada’s Stephen Harper copied “Iraq has WMD” John W Howard! We also remember US “intelligence-gathering missions” sent into Vietnam before the Gulf of Tonkin non-event  that later seen 1.5 million Vietnamese and 425+ dead Australians for bizerka usury banksters.

Why are our tax funded Aussie troops in Africa?

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  • Verbewarp

    Our troops are in Africa ’cause Gillard was told to send them there under US command. Gillard the Hillary Clinton zombie blood sucking point person is just eagerly obeying her orders; another Qaddafi murder cometh.


    Our Adopted Global Monetary System, of which there is no doubt whatsoever: and,

    … which consists of Usury and compound Interest as its base, fractional reserve banking, Central Banking and Government and Bureaucratic Protectionism as well as Commercial License or ‘carte blanche’ –

    … is designed, a priori, and by default, either intentionally or not, but certainly, maintained deliberately to serve the few at the direct cost to humanity as a whole.

    “With a gold standard fractional reserve banking wouldn’t be possible. So the bankers wouldn’t own all of the gold.” The moneylenders were banned from England in the Middle Ages long before fiat money was invented, because they were lending gold at interest and were winding up with all the gold. The people were rioting in the streets so the king sent the moneylenders back to Europe. If you lend money at interest and the money supply can’t expand, the lenders quickly end up with all the money. That’s the nature of compound interest.”

    As Usury, the use of interest as the base of “any” monetary system and I stress “any”, it is clear that there exists a group and or attribute and attraction within the whole spectrum of the human diaspora, those that excel at capturing all such tokens as well as, or along with, the productions of human Labour, innovation, creativity and body, etc.

    It appears natural as well as a dominant human trait which arises automatically when humans fail to strive for and grasp the human potential of accomplishment. You could actually model this as human behaviours are both well known and well documented, as, turning points in socio-economic trends come from, I propose, ideas born in the glimpse and presence of this human accomplishment.

    “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

    – Dale Carnegie

    All I read in the MSM in Australia and indeed the World, is crap, bullshit, propaganda and shill.


  • Verbewarp

    You need to know that as the Global Gold and Silver prices are manipulated lower and lower under US FedRes direction, the West’s Central Bankers are amongst those of the largest buyers (includes India, China and serious investors) of the metals available; why not, lower prices mean higher profits in the years that come.

    What does this tell you? Cui Bono.

    A Gold Standard cometh and these “little dicks” (aka “leadership”) want it all!

    As my Grand Father told me ~60 years ago, “… never trust politicians nor Bankers”.


  • Verbewarp

    Inflation is the Central Bankers government sanctioned tool to steal the wealth of Labour; that’s what they live for.
    Central Banks are the national heads of the Bankers.
    RBA is no different, and then some.
    Fraud and Recursive scamming is the name of the Banker’s game.
    It is all they know.
    Stealing the Gold through lies and manipulation:

  • aussierod

    Like Afghanistan, Africa supposedly has a wealth of natural resources.

    China knows this and has been setting up shop in Africa for a while now. Some say the British Ashkenaz empire is out to stop that. Considering Ashkenaz Rothschilds and Oxford trained Chinas bankers, I find that hard to follow.

    Ashkenaz Kissinger wrote in NSM 200 how he wanted the population in Africa reduced.

    LOL, now some bull crap pushed by Bill Gates about looking for some low level clown called, Kony?

    Ashkenaz Bill Gates wants world population reductions through the use of vaccinations.

    The tribe of Ashkenaz always need a bad guy as excuse to plunder.