Video: “American troops in Australia?”

(AustraliaMatters) Good to see even main stream Australians are having issues with that foreign super power occupying Australia.

“Hey guys im an aussie farmer’s son. love the land and life in the bush. I speak my mind when i want to and i make vids about life on an aussie farm.” andinando

Why Is America Setting Up a Militarily Base In Australia?

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  • Verbewarp


    This is what I have said,

    what I think is far more horrid, and
    I only hope that the Fukishima nuclear radiation wipes out the totality of US “leadership”
    (except Ron Paul)
    before Australia is wiped out by nuclear radiation from China
    defending itself from the “f&^%king crazies” (neocons cum Zionists cum Israelis)
    of the US “leadership” and all that hangs off it.
    You know – just before Gillard and “Abbort” et al,
    leave for the UK to live.

  • aussierod

    UK? Bugger that. Too close to that woman and her crazy husband that writes books about killing humans with a deadly virus.