Alert on cancer chemical found in thousands of processed foods

(MailOnline) A chemical which causes cancer has been found in a huge range of foods including bread, crisps and baby food. Scientists have identified high levels in thousands of cooked and processed products. The substance, acrylamide, has been linked to several types of cancer including bowel, bladder and kidney, and is known to cause infertility and loss of muscle control. read more

  • Watchwoman

    YUM YUM… more unknown poisons in our food! Eat up you dinner darling… ignorance is bless… especially when it tastes so good!
    QUESTION: Just who is deciding it is a good idea to put this in our real food… since it’s NOT real food… so shouldn’t be in our food.(Maybe in a science lab?)
    Don’t know about you but my body wasn’t designed to eat anything BUT food…therefore..these things MUST and do have some effect on my body… even my brains, hormones, emotions etc.Anyone would think someone was doing this on purpose.. like trying to kill off the human race.Wonder who would think of such a thing?
    Is it worth thinking about…???##$$!!%%**??
    (I won’t mention lead in the paint on Chinese children’s toys, which they will SURELY put in their mouths and Formaldehyde in our Chinese clothing which MUST be absorbed by our skins and or give us rashes)Does China make ointments for that?
    Blessings from Watchwoman. Ephesians 6:10-18