Adiós Meta Nanny

vpn(AustraliaMatters) The so called government collecting “metadata” on all Australian citizens, guilty or not, is in the news again today. Metadata is customer history left behind on our ISP’s logs. Essentially the government wants our NGO ISP’s to act as govermnet spies. There are legal ways to blind our ISP’s so that the only information the ISP’s can see is jargon no one can read without expensive super computers and 20+ years to crack the encryption.

I was reading about VPN’s’ (virtual private network) tonight on the popular PC magazine site.

VPN’s act as a go between (aka tunnel) allowing us to encrypt and tunnel all our traffic from our computers, through our ISP’s and to the intended party where it is unencrypted. Essentially the same happens when we do online banking, except while connected to the bank, we cant use them as a cloak to surf the internet through their connection.

Our ISP’s (and the KGB looking over their shoulders) can see we’re connected to a VPN, bank etc, but the ISP’s can’t see what we’re doing. Metadata is still collected, but it’s all encrypted jargon.

I recommend folks read more at the ‘PC Magazine’ site where they describe this lawful process better and even review some free VPN hosts. Click here

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