Abbott unveils climate change policy

(SMH) Australia would be locked into a modest cut in greenhouse gas emissions of five per cent under the federal opposition’s alternative climate plan. But the government wants to leave open the door to a bigger reduction of up to 25 per cent if the rest of the world takes ambitious action on climate change. The two schemes – and targets – are likely to offer a key point of difference at the federal election, expected this year. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who opposes the government’s emissions trading scheme (ETS), on Tuesday revealed a scheme that would cost taxpayers $3.2 billion in the first four years, ramping up to a $1.1 billion annual cost, to pay farmers to store carbon in the soil. read more

We would be "locked" in? Too whom, E3 Rothschild banksters? What happens when we change our minds in 10 years if global cooling is the next big thing? We’d probably get listed as a terrorist nation like Iceland was over the global fanatical Goldman Sach’s fraude. One day the "Opposition" in Australia might become the opposition.