Foreign investors on hunt for Aussie farms

Sunday Night – China is on the hunt for new food sources to feed its one and a half billion people and its central government has ordered $3 trillion be spent securing food and farmland overseas. Video and more information here […]

Chinese mine giant snaps up 43 NSW farms

(TheAustralian) A CHINESE government-controlled mining giant has spent $213 million buying up 43 farms so it can explore for coal outside the NSW township of Gunnedah. The mining boom has triggered an overnight property boom for the rural community 500km northwest of Sydney. A NSW title search reveals that Shenhua Watermark Coal carried out a two-year spending spree in 2009 and 2010, making some of the sellers instant millionaires. Read more

Makes my blood boil when Australian nationals sell Sovereign land to commie foreigners–but the so called government allows it to happen.

related: 2003 Iraq is invaded. 2011 China moves in for the oil.

related: John Howard says Iraq was about the oil.


Chinese Government buying up our farms, says Senator Bill Heffernan

(DailyTelegraph) THE Chinese Government is buying Australian farms to directly feed its population, a senior Liberal said on the eve of a visit by a top Bejing official. The purchases were unmonitored and did not have to be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board, Senator Bill Heffernan told Parliament. “And the distortion that has occurred in the Sydney home market because of being off the FIRB’s radar … could happen with agricultural land,” Senator Heffernan said.” Read more

This news is 12 months old, but still relevant one year on. We read elsewhere that the bought up Australian farms will only have Chinese workers on them. Christians have to hire devil worshipers for secretarial jobs etc or risk being fined, yet Australian’s can’t work on chicom farms in Australia? This needs to be challenged at the employee level. If Australian land (and water) must be given for foreign use, then only short term lease with option to cancel should Australian food hardship shortages arise.


Aussie Talk Host’s “Weak Knees” on China

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB Sydney based talk radio host Alan Jones, talks to Geoffrey Wade, from the Australian National University about handing Australian energy networks to foreigners. During the interview Jones points out profits from our electricity use in Australia, are heading to a Canadian superannuation fund company. Doesn’t that make you feel good about privatization of Australian […] […]

Quick, call the Plumber

(AustraliaMatters) 2GB radio host Alan Jones interviews with Andrew Bolt and former army major Bernard Gaynor got me off the couch today. The interviews were OK, and both about Islamic “extremists” – but for the life of me, I can’t comprehend why they never speak about Islamic “moderates”. The ‘extremists’ want instant change at the end of […] […]

Supermarket Giants Aid Australian Sell-Off

(AustraliaMatters) Something dawned on us today after hearing Alan Jones grill PM Abbott about the latest 2014 Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China. The FTA allows Australian dairy farmers “tariff free” (aka tax free) access into China. Jones pointed out that many Australian dairy farms are being bought up by China. Abbott’s as proud as punch […] […]

Cui Bono: Labor Fabians, Foreign Governments, or you?

(AustraliaMatters) Busy week for the Gillard international socialist fabian society. It must be tough work increasing our debt, exporting our jobs, giving away our taxes, and literally selling country Australia to foreign governments. Aren’t you glad your family fought and died in wars to help keep Australia safe for foreign investors? Yeah, Gillard could have […] […]

Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on Coal Seam Gas (CSG)

(AustraliaMatters) I’ve never been much of a Alan Jones fan over the years, but seeing him recently stand up against the Juliar Rothschild carbon tax rot (that will do zero for the planet considering China isn’t cutting back emissions and volcanoes still erupt) caught my ear. He’s back again–this time he’s giving me goose bumps. I’ve […] […]

Banks in conspiracy with MDBA for mass foreclosures

murray_darling_farming.jpg(CEC) The City of London-directed Australian banking cartel is poised to call in huge numbers, and potentially almost all of their loans to farmers and small businesses in the Murray-Darling Basin, in order to crush the Basin’s family farms and communities and so to destroy Australia’s national food security. In fact, that mass foreclosure process is already well underway, as the MDBA’s recent “Rizza report” abundantly documents. read more


Beef imports from BSE nations not traced

Missing Cow PartsBeef imported to Australia from countries where there has been an outbreak of mad cow disease will not be traced back to individual farms, a Senate inquiry has been told. Yet beef farms in Australia are subject to full traceability through the National Livestock Identification System. The double standard drew the ire of coalition senators during a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra on Monday. "How on earth … can we be sure about the beef that’s coming from that (overseas) property?" Nationals senator Fiona Nash asked the chief veterinary officer from the government’s Biosecurity Service Group. Asked whether there would be individual assessments of traceability, Dr Andy Carroll replied: "No." read more

Why import healthy cows, let alone possibly infected ones? What’s next, importing coal, iron ore, wheat and beach sand?


Foreign owned and grown food on Australian soil

2008 Drought(ABCNEWS) Overseas countries are looking to buy Australian farms to solve their food security problems. Greg Mason from Queensland Department of Primary Industries says some countries are running out of water to grow food so investors are looking for greener pastures. He recently hosted a group of Chinese investors who were interested in seeing farms similar to theirs in terms of climate and crops.  […] A property adviser who works with an Arab state says his client is interested in buying farms in other countries that are culturally compatible; however Australia is in their sights. The client wants to spend over one billion dollars on properties to grow grain, fruit, vegetables and live sheep. Chris Evans from Rural Management Partners says his client prefers to own and grow the food rather than contract Australian growers because it wants control over the food supply. read more

Remeber that strange practise called "land leasing" where Australian’s still owned Australia?


W.A approves [Monsanto] GM canola

(SHM) Western Australia has become the third Australian state [with Vic and NSW] to allow farmers to grow genetically modified (GM) canola. Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman on Monday approved an exemption order under the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003 to permit cultivation of the GM crop. […] He said there had been 11 "minor events" during the delivery of more than 1200 tonnes of GM canola to receiving sites during the trials.[…] Opposition agriculture Minister Mick Murray said the decision would have negative long-term economic and social impacts on WA that could not be reversed. "WA’s green, GM-free image has been lost forever," Mr Murray said. […] Greens MP Lynn MacLaren said farmers and consumers would both lose from the decision. […] "The trial results and experience in the eastern states have proven it is not possible to segregate. "Farmers will cop the brunt of this poor decision by having to pay to try to keep their non-GMO crops free from contamination. READ MORE

Traditional farms world wide are being contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO seeds. Once contaminated traditional farmers like Percy Schmeiser are dragged through the courts to face the Monsanto mogul giant over so called breaches of patents. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch "The World According To Monsanto"  Download link is here (250mb)