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Australia let Indonesia invade East Timor Records show Canberra had 3 days warning but did nothing

Australian PM’s are “new world order” stooges Contrary to s44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution that bans “adherence to a foreign power”.

GREEN traitors push for “one world parliament” Again, contrary to s44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution that bans “adherence to a foreign power”.

Blueprint For World Government Revealed

“New book written by insider – 6,000 globalists control the planet and plan to completely end [Australian] national sovereignty.”

“World Bank President Admits Agenda For Global Government” When do you suppose the so called Australian government will tell us about this?

The secret we should all be let in on “Freemasonry has a long and far too shadowy history in Australian politics”

“$700 billion bail out” Bull dust still parroted by the Australian media has blown out to $8.5+ Trillion in the greatest bank robbery in usury history.

Why borrow foreign credit / currency /debt? Australian law states we can make, create, coin, our own government issued usury free currency.

Gull Island Oil Supply Learn about the best kept open oil reserve secret that makes Saudi Arabia look like a puddle.

Bali Bombings + East Timor Massacre Fool Me Twice” An excellent 2hr video documentary made by Australian Glen Clancy with rare East Timor, Bali bombing footage and analysis.

Elite Pedophile Rings The Office of Police Integrity (OPI) is on the record saying that they won’t do anything about an ELITE pedophile ring in Australia “even if it’s still operating”

Australian Murder Rate Does “91,000″ Australian’s murdered each year sound right? “We are here to cover important news, stories and issues that effect every Australian. We will bring you stories of real Australians and their fight for freedom and liberty, let down by their own government. We are Alternative, Resistance Media.” 1500+ Architectural and engineering professionals support a truly independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001. Australian owned news aggregate with local and international news leads.

Principality of Hutt River An independent principality within Australia free from the ATO with it’s own money, stamps, and Government.

Australian Tea Party

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Iraqi “war” Collateral Damage U.S. depleted uranium (DU) weapons of mass deformation (WMD) results from happy “liberated” Iraqi children.

Just Foreign  Policy Iraqi Death Estimator





ABC NEWS: “Howard accused of war crimes over Iraq troop deployment” read more

Australia’s ranked 28th in the world for ‘freedom of the press’ New Zealand’s ranked 9th. Why aren’t we 1st? Goes to show someone over lords our Australian “free press” in our freedom loving “democracy” with  D notices

The Health Vine

Natural Health, Natural Living, Natural News

Save Steve’s Place
The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (SIWR) is being threatened. Sign the petition to STOP mining on Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

The Australian government is considering legalising the slaughter of fully conscious sheep in Australia. Help us pressure the government to outlaw this cruel and grotesque practice!

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Islams “Draft Constitution” for ‘Khilafah State’ Australia?


(AustraliaMatters) Stumbled upon a “Draft Constitution” on the Australian Islamic website called HIZB UT-TAHRIR.  Oi Aussie, it might pay to go have a read and see what “failed multiculturalism” is bringing Judeo-Christian Australia…(Caution: their direct link is setting off anti-virus “trojan horse” alarms)

“By proposing this constitution of the Khilafah State [includes Australia?], which the Muslims are working towards establishing [as it isn't yet established], with the help of Allah (swt), we invite the Muslims in general, and the intellectuals, the scholars and the prominent figures in particular to air their views and to take an active part in debating the matter”
The section called “Army” is a must read.
We should comprehend Muslims don’t just walk into Australia. Our so called government allows them in.
But why? I believe there’s a global push to dilute large Christian nations such as America, England, Australia for the benefit of a third party that’s neither Christian nor Muslim.
Islam’s only 2.2% in Australia at present.
I’m long term vision — give the “melting pot” another 20 to 30 years on the cooker. I’m betting nothing will melt. Look at Europe. I hope I’m wrong.

Heiner Affair: Carmody Says Labor Covered Up Child Sex, PM To Be Charged

rudd_angry-252x300(Polliter) The Heiner Affair has been etched into the Australian psyche: it involves allegations of criminal conduct at the highest levels of Australian government, even Constitutional stewardship. Caught in the nebulous orbit of the nefarious matter sits successive Queensland Premiers, Chief Justices, a serving Prime Minister and a serving Governor-General. The latter two being the highest positions in Australian government. Read more

related: 2004 the OPI (Office Police Integrity) said they won’t do anything about an ELITE pedophile ring in Australia – quote “even if it’s still operating” unquote

The Redhead You Can Trust

P Hanson(Fair Dinkum Radio) Pauline Hanson founder of One Nation, joins us to discuss the many issues facing Australia and its people today. Pauline has been the most controversial female politician of the past two decades, speaking her mind without polish advocating for the people.

She is considered by many to be the voice of the common people, a badge and title she gladly wears. She has been ridiculed, mocked, derided, vilified, misrepresented and targeted by the Media and Political class all of her public life.

In a wide ranging discussion we discuss the current Boat people dilemma, Multiculturalism, United Nations Treaties, Agenda 21, Foreign Ownership, and Australian Sovereignty.

In her maiden speech she said: “I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians.”

Little did she realise her words would come true. Today we are being ‘Swamped by boat people from Asia.’ She still awaits an apology from the ‘Latte Sipping Elite’.

She is back in the battle for a seat in the senate.

Click for full 4 hour 08/08/13 broadcast & details.


Bernard Gaynor has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and has returned from three Iraq invasions.

(Bernard Gaynor) Here’s another generalisation that should not be easily dismissed: the Islamic community supports the military efforts of Australia’s enemies. And, by doing so, it represents the first time in Australian history that a discrete and identifiable segment of society has provided recruits and aid to organisations that seek to overthrow our democratic government.

Despite this, our government is allowing large-scale Islamic immigration and now the Australian Defence Force is actively seeking Islamic recruits.

That’s right. Our military wants to enlist the enemy.


Yet the military is so intent on recruiting from the Islamic community that it now allows them to wear a different uniform. And these are not my words. They come straight from the Royal Australian Air Force’s webpage devoted to diversity, in the section about religious dress… Read more

Rudd’s Mate: Barry Obama


Obama’s mates with communist terrorists such as Bill Ayers (top right) that planned to over throw the US government and kill Americans that would reject communism.

(AustraliaMatters) Today we learn comrade Rudd’s hiring US propagandists to smear his supposed opposition. Guess who’s paying the bill? Is this lawful? Who’s paying the bill? On the up side, this smacks of an abundance of morals in Australia. If we had scum in Australia with no morals, then Rudd wouldn’t be looking abroad to the scum in chief (that’s buddies with terrorists such as communist Bill Ayers) for help. Unfortunately the majority of Australians are sheep and will fall for this scam to get “carbon tax” Rudd back in with the blessing of an ass clown who’s Whitehouse birth certificate is a fraud. Although, if Liberals put that former bankster Turdball (sic) in instead…ow well anyway, same old crap.

related Rudd’s other buddy, China’s communist minster of propaganda.

The Biggest Oil Discovery In 50 Years?

(The Economic Collapse) In a virtually uninhabitable section of South Australia, a discovery has been made which could rock the world.  Some are calling it the biggest discovery of oil in 50 years.  Earlier this year, a company called Linc Energy announced that tests had revealed that there was a minimum of 3.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent sitting under more than 65,000 square kilometres of land that it owns in the Arckaringa Basin.  But that is the minimum number.  It has been projected that there could ultimately be up to 233 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the area.  If that turns out to be accurate, the oil sitting under that land is worth approximately 20 trillion dollars, and it would be roughly equivalent to the total amount of oil sitting under the sands of Saudi Arabia.  In essence, it would be a massive game changer. Read more

Fairdinkum Radio 20.06.13


( This week we look at the following current events effecting all Australians:

The real agenda behind Gonski education reforms, Windsor blames the media for the worst government ever, Research patients are “De Identified,” latest GMO research on pigs and the increase in Gastro Intestinal disease in humans, the reality in Syria – The West created, trained and funding Al Qaeda, the Federal Government makes ‘law’ to steal your money, New ‘Bail In’ legislation to raid your accounts.

Craig Isherwood from the Citizens Electoral Council joins us to talk about the Federal Government pushing through a law to steal your money from your accounts. TUNE IN NOW!

Preemptive Aunty on the Move?

(AustraliaMatters) Three months before the September selection – Aunty (ABC through her paid approved comedians) is moving her left funded tilting seat in anticipation of a right tilted funded seat. Score 0/10. That aside, I find this Clark and Dawe (financed by the Australian tax payer) skit funny. Score 8/10. Poor Gillard? Nah,  poor Australian people that will be lumped with the other-side of the same counterfeit coin, and the media creature of tax payers opportunity, Aunty whore!

Come on Aunty whore, report WTC7, the Boston bombing “drills”, the 7/7 London bombing “drills”five Israeli’s that ALL failed their 9/11 FBI polygraph lie detector tests, and so on.

Fairdinkum Radio 06.06.13


( ) This week we continue to document the End of Democracy including: Bilderberg 2013,  Australian fruit growers looking at bulldozing 750,000 fruit trees due to Globalist policies, Gina Rinehart and sterilization?



Tony Morris QC says councils can't impose fines.

Tony Morris QC says local councils can’t impose fines.

(Larry Pickering) If the law bores you then read no further, but if you actually care what you are being asked to vote for [in September] then don’t expect either party to explain, they won’t and they haven’t, because they can’t afford to.

Julia Gillard will welcome this silly referendum as another diversion but Abbott curiously gives it his blessing. Why?

The real reason Federal governments want councils to have Constitutional recognition is that councils have historically acted illegally when imposing fines. They simply do not have the necessary statutory power to impose default judgments.

If you are fined by a council for a parking offence or for any other “offence” you are assumed liable for a default judgment they have no statutory power under the Constitution to enforce. That could open a Pandora’s box rendering every council in the country insolvent via class actions.

So, I walked into the chambers of Tony Morris QC who specialises in Constitutional law.

Not only did he agree with me but he suggested that even the default judgments of Government Agencies were unlawful, but no-one had ever challenged them on Constitutional grounds. Read more – Are you Fair Dinkum?

(AustraliaMatters) Our top pick for Australian alternative news infomation,

Gillard, Gates, Eugenics and $80M borrowed from China.


related: Daddy William H. Gates was former head of the eugenics group, Planned Parenthood

New FBI FOI Documents – Israel’s hand in 9/11

(AustraliaMatters) Newly released FBI documents reveal five Israelis arrested on September 11, 2001 all failed their FBI polygraph lie detector tests, but were later freed and sent back to Israel. Australian David Hicks on the other hand was imprisoned for telling the truth.

related video BBC: The founders of modern terrorism were Zionists

related: Sydney Morning Herald and TheAge are now hosting “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” video documentary.

VIDEO: The CEC Report – October 12th 2012

(CEC) This week, CEC Report hosts Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood discuss the following items:
1. How safe is your money in the bank?
2. Assassination—Bob Carr’s plan to start WWIII
3. Burke’s new MDBA scheme is green vandalism

OUR PRIME MINISTER IS A CROOK…and now it’s time to go

Do as I say, not as I do.

(Pickering Post) The Opposition is finally asking questions of Gillard in Parliament regarding Slater & Gordon and Wilson.

“Why didn’t you go to the police when you discovered Bruce Wilson had misappropriated union funds?”, asked Julie Bishop. “This matter has been covered exhaustively in my recent press conference,” replied Gillard.

Julie Bishop in a supplementary question asked essentially the same again. Gillard again replied in exactly the same way.

Bishop’s question is ominous and a precursor to what will be later questions regarding Gillard’s recent statement that, “Not one dollar of union funds must go unaccounted for…”.

Ralph Blewitt is speaking to Michael Smith on tape about Gillard’s involvement in the AWU fraud.

It is apparent that Gillard witnessed Ralph Blewitt’s signature when Blewitt was 3,000 miles away in Perth. Gillard can never practise as a solicitor again nor should she be practising as a Prime Minister now. Read more

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as  pawns for foreign policy"
Australia Aussie Cannon Fodder
Kevin Rudd spent our tax money in 2008/09 flying around the world getting advice from an unaccountable “new world order” war criminal.

Australian New World Order Political Path to Tyranny part 2)

Here’s why Australian manufacturing is dying BY DESIGN: The 1975 Lima Declaration

$50 million axed from Customs budget “Budget cuts will mean less cargo entering Australia by sea and air will be screened by Customs.”

“Immigration to sack 700 workers: union”“..any cut has got to put in jeopardy our capacity as a nation to protect our borders.”

jan utzonSydney Opera House architect Jan Utzon (son of Jorn Utzon) has serious 9/11 questions.

Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 “Hijack”

Former BBC & ITN Middle East reporter Alan Hart Says 9/11 was allowed to happen.

President of Italy’s Supreme Court Ferdinando Imposimato To Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court

Steve Pieczenik, MD PhD Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter and Senior Policy Planner under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (41). Former Colonel, U.S. Army. Says 9/11 allowed to happen.

Thomas Kean 9/11 Report "set up to fail"

Commissioner Thomas Kean Claimed 9/11 report  “set up to fail”

Stu Bykofsky yearning for more deaths. “WE NEED ANOTHER 9/11″ Jewish fellow Stu Bykofsky defended on FOX after writing desires for 2.977  more human deaths. Would FOX news defend David Hicks or Muslims if they wrote the same crap?

Former German Defense Minister Secretary Andreas Von Buelow says 9/11 was allowed to happen.

Pakistan General says 9/11 was allowed to happen

Evan Kohlmann behind Pentagon produced psyopThis kosher fellow made Al Qaeda videos later used as evidence in the trials of so called Muslim terrorists.

Flashback: 100% forgery “The newly released Usama Bin Laden video is a an iron clad forgery, and not even a good one at that.”

NetanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said 9/11 terror attacks on America were “good” for Israel.

“NSA could have prevented 9/11 hijackings” NSA means “National Security Agency.”

Dick Cheney“Cheney Considered Killing Americans in Pretext to Attack Iran”This isn’t the first time also learn about  Operation Northwoods


Philip Zelikow’s Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up Why would a dual Israeli American cover up for so called “Muslim terrorists”?

sabroskyDr Alan Sabrosky Former U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute director says 9/11 was allowed to happen.

2007 Flashback: U.S. Gov Used 9/11 Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran G.W Bush authorised a group formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind to be bankrolled & armed by CIA for covert regime change.

Tortured Patsies “Confess” To 9/11 And it had nothing to do with years of water boarding, electric cattle prods or sleep deprivation.

Xray Scanner sees through  clothing Qantas scanner can see through clothes The real 9/11 and 7/7 “terrorists” would be most happy westerners are loosing their rights and freedoms.

Fluoride is more toxic than lead.
Which Fluoride?
One of two common fluorides is natural, the other is industrial waste! Which fluoride are you swallowing hook, line and sinker?

28/07/09 European Court rules fluoridated water is “medicine”

Australia HIV tainted medicines sold to Australia? Pharmaceutical drug supplier ‘Bayer’ deliberately sold HIV tainted medicines onto the global market!

Australia’s new $300 billion dollar debt to communist China Thanks for nothing, comrade Wayne Swan.

Comrade Wayne “Swan looking at $200b tax shortfall”

26/03/09 “Overseas firms to snap up Australian job services”

Australian Ca$h to become extinct as microchips takes off? “Australian Central chief executive Peter Evers believes cash will be replaced for most transactions in five-to-seven years.”

RothschilsWhat global economic crisis? “We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally.” With an estimated family wealth in the trillions David de Rothschild is very relaxed while profiting.

During the global economic crisis “Rothschild pays out record bonuses to staff”

“They Did It On Purpose”
The Housing Bubble & Its Crash were Engineered by the US Government, the Fed & Wall Street.

2009: “Melbourne shivers through coldest April in 60 years”

The Australian: 18/04/09: “Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away”

Al  GoreAl Gore’s 1991 CoR mates caught warm red handed
“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”

Free PDF Files

None Dare Call It Conspiracy “The drive to establish SOCIALISM, not Communism, is at the core of everything the Communists and the Insiders do. Marx and all of his successors in the Communist movement have ordered their followers to work on building SOCIALISM.”

War Is a Racket Major General Smedley Butler, USMC 1933 exposed part of the evil empire, “the bankers”

“New World Order” The meaning behind those traitorous words by Major Bart R. Kessler

Operation Northwoods Declassified 1962 U.S plan to stage a fake terror attack in America to scare the wits out the the citizens so they would accept a war with Cuba. This plan was okayed by the Chief’s of Staff but blocked by President Kennedy.

‘Project For A New American Century” by PNAC One year before the 9/11 attacks on America, some of George Bush’s mates put pen to paper writing down their wish for a “new pearl harbor” attack to happen so that they could have pretext to go invade foreign countries. One year later, they got that “new pearl harbor” wish on September 11, 2001

The Illuminati and The Council On Foreign Relations by Myron C Fagan

Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley An old tossel that liked talking about human eugenics even wrote a book touching on it. A lot of folks in western governments highly regard this mans dribble. Have a read and see if you do as well.

Acrobat Reader