African Refugees Riot In Melbourne: Who Does Not Want You To Know?

[POLLITOR.COM] Don’t be surprised, but the main stream media has covered up an African refugee race riot in Melbourne. I can say that because the event occurred on New Year’s Eve, 2014, and you’ve probably never even heard about it. But happen it did. Read more related: British PM: “multiculturalism has failed” related: German Chancellor: “multiculturalism [...] [...]


(Pickering Post) As another boat loaded with 80 illegal immigrants arrives on Christmas Island, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa, says his country won’t accept violations of its borders under Abbott’s plan to turn back boats. He warns the move risks damage to bilateral relations. Really Marty? Islamic arrogance has again reared its ugly head in [...] [...]

Australia’s Slow Death

(AustraliaMatters) The Russian government not only monitors fertility rates, but they also inform their country folk when matters are dire. The population in Russia has been dwindling so low that their government gives the people a day off to go home and have sex in attempts to have more babies. The above chart is not Russia’s [...] [...]

Islams “Draft Constitution” for ‘Khilafah State’ Australia?

(AustraliaMatters) Stumbled upon a “Draft Constitution” on the Australian Islamic website called HIZB UT-TAHRIR. Oi Aussie, it might pay to go have a read and see what “failed multiculturalism” is bringing Judeo-Christian Australia…(Caution: their direct link is setting off anti-virus “trojan horse” alarms) “By proposing this constitution of the Khilafah State [includes Australia?], which the Muslims [...] [...]

Australia: Muslims Chant “We love Osama” bin Laden

(AustraliaMatters) This week we learn about a pathetic cheap 14 minute video on YouTube claiming to be an Islamic “movie trailer”. The “religion of peace” Islam is going nuts world wide because of it. But it’s supposedly OK for Islam to insult Australian Christians with billboards claiming Son of G-d Jesus, was just a prophet of [...] [...]


(AustraliaMatters) Do our actions in foreign countries post September 11, 2001 have anything to do with the influx of asylum seekers? If so, what responsibly do we take? Yes sure, before 9/11 refugees existed, but in the same numbers? I’m of the opinion that the US and Israeli governments played a major roll in 9/11. [...] [...]

Living Australian?

(AustraliaMatters) One is funded by multi-coloured Australian tax payers and stamped acceptable, while the other funds itself and is labelled racism. Oi, how about Living Australian? [...]

Muslim’s Wanna Take Over Buckingham Palace? (AustraliaMatters) If someone has questions about the “holocaust”, they are “silenced” and sent to jail, but if someone threatens QEII, they are left to run their mouths off? Ain’t multireligionism grand? I wonder how long it’ll be before they start wanting to take over our Australian Parliament House? Supposedly there was plenty of extra empty [...] [...]

Wake Me When The Australian Revolution Starts

( Good thing about AM is we don’t need to update the site every two nano seconds with fresh content or rely on people buying crap from google ad banners. What am I saying? I’ve been lazy and to be quite frank, bored silly watching world goings from under the doona cover the last few [...] [...]

There is no place here for sharia, says Scipione

(SMH) THE NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, made it clear where he stood on Islamic law as practised in Australia. ”When it comes to sharia … I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no place in Australia for sharia law, full stop,” he said. Read more related: Australian muslim flogged for drinking related:Islamist [...] [...]

Immigration: Expat Kiwi, Vicky

(AustraliaMatters) Meet Vicky. She’s an expat Kiwi immigrant now living in Australia. We came across her about 12 months ago while scanning YouTube video channels for NWO savvy Australians–her user name is “manque15” ‘Ow no’ we first thought, not another kiwi now living in Australia. We had a listen to what she had to say about [...] [...]

Review: Go Back To Where You Came From

(AustraliaMatters) You’ll find chicken teeth around here before you find a working TV set, thus we missed the documentary SBS aired recently called “Go Back To Where You Came From”. I watched all three episodes online last night. Those that missed it, six Australian’s with very very different view points regarding ‘back door immigration’ were [...] [...]

Half of World’s Refugees are Running From US Wars

(TheEconomist) America’s wars continue to account for many of the world’s refugees: 4.7m originate from Iraq and Afghanistan, almost half the world’s total, according to the UNHCR’s annual report. Read more

Shhh, don’t tell the guys over at the APP. It might spoil their fun only focusing on the effects rather than also the cause.


Australia’s New South Wales police get new burka powers

burka.jpg(BBC) Police in Australia’s New South Wales state have been given more powers to remove burkas and other face coverings to identify crime suspects. Anyone who refuses to show their face could now be jailed for up to a year or face a heavy fine. Read more

When in Rome… When in Australia, do what the Australians all have to do or take a one way trip to the middle east. We’re surprised by the lack of backlash over this from the Islamic community compared to the same matter when it happened in France–they started wearing surgical masks instead. Prediction: We’ll hear more about this in the future.

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"He’s not the son of God, just the support act"


(SMH) CHRISTIANS in Sydney will have their core beliefs challenged by provocative advertisements due to appear on billboards and buses in the next month.The ads, paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace, will carry slogans such as ”Jesus: a prophet of Islam”, ”Holy Quran: the final testament” and ”Muhammad: mercy to mankind”. A phone number urges people to call to receive a free Koran and other Islamic literature. Read more


Other “Islamic literature”? Like narration describing fondling of wives during menstruation? Love it or hate it, but Australia was founded on Christian principals. Standing Order 50 ring a bell? Monarch lovers, QEII swore to uphold the laws of the Holy bible, not the koran. The biblical 10 Commandments are the basis of Australian laws. Do we need more evidence “multiculturalism has failed”? Seeds are being planted–what will their fruit be? Bets are on that this “provocative” Islamic group won’t bus and billboard Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or even evil Jinn faiths in Australia.

PS: Polygamist Muhammad and Islam didn’t exist 2000 years ago.

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