FBI pushed Muslims to plot terrorist attacks: rights report

(Yahoo7 News) Washington (AFP) – The FBI encouraged and sometimes even paid Muslims to commit terrorist acts during numerous sting operations after the 9/11 attacks, a human rights group said in a report published Monday. “Far from protecting Americans, including American Muslims, from the threat of terrorism, the policies documented in this report have diverted law [...] [...]

MH17 Shoot Down: Who Benefits?

(AustraliaMatters) Who shot down flight MH17? Unlike Alan Jones and the like, we’re not going to pretend we know that answer based on current evidence. On the other hand, who would benefit from such a horrid crime? Before the MH17 shoot down, the Israel-Gaza situation was front page Australian news. After MH17, it’s page three and heading [...] [...]

Abbott’s First Flip Flop: Syria

(AustraliaMatters) That clown Abbott on this day September 12, 2013 hasn’t even been sworn in as PM yet, yet he’s looking to flip flop on the Syrian invasion Obama (Israels puppet) has been pushing for. If Syria gets attacked, Russia and China will defend them. In layman’s terms, a Syrian invasion would be a trigger [...] [...]


(Bernard Gaynor) Here’s another generalisation that should not be easily dismissed: the Islamic community supports the military efforts of Australia’s enemies. And, by doing so, it represents the first time in Australian history that a discrete and identifiable segment of society has provided recruits and aid to organisations that seek to overthrow our democratic government. Despite [...] [...]

VIDEO: Australian Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe in Gaza – False Flags & America’s ‘National Interest’

(Intifada) Australian Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe in Gaza with a humorous and serious look at false flag history making and the illusion of ‘American interests’. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Studies helps us illustrate our points. related video: Gillard’s mate Hilary Clinton backs false flag operations. [...]

Unprecedented Iran Proof: Netanyahu at the UN

(AustraliaMatters) The long awaited evidence needed for Australia to follow America and Israel into a world war 3 nuclear holocaust is now available. Fellow Australians, hand over your sons and daughters to the international war machine. Let their blood flow for peace. Let’s help make the world safer for Israel. The laugh track is added, but the [...] [...]

VIDEO: The CEC Report – September 14th 2012

This week, CEC Report hosts Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood discuss the following items: 1. The Australian government prepares for a major banking crash 2. Killing people won’t solve Queensland’s financial crisis 3. Libya, Egypt tension signals imminent Iran attack [...]

President of Italy’s Supreme Court To Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court

(InfoWars) Ferdinando Imposimato is the honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, and former Senior Investigative Judge, Italy. Imposimato presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and ultimate assassination of President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, other political assassinations and kidnapping cases and several cases against the Mafia. He [...] [...]

New FBI Freedom of Information 9/11 Israeli Update

(AustraliaMatters) September 11, 2001, five Israelis were arrested in America as suspected terrorists. One of the five men refused a polygraph lie test for five weeks. All five men failed their polygraph tests. They were eventually charged for visa violations and sent back to Israel where they later appeared on TV claiming they were in [...] [...]

VIDEO: The CEC Report – September 7th 2012

(CECAustralia) This week, CEC Report hosts Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood discuss the following items: 1. A World War today would be Unsurvivable 2. Bank of England calls for Glass-Steagall 3. Is Gillard perpetuating Keating’s vision for Australia, as the Wall St. downunder? [...]

Hamid Karzai lashes Aussie troops over deadly raid

(The Australian) AUSTRALIA’S reputation in Afghanistan was under fire last night after President Hamid Karzai lashed out at Australian troops for killing a 70-year-old man and his son in a “unilateral” night raid in pursuit of the rogue Afghan soldier who killed three Diggers last week. Read more. Editors comment: The above video we picked [...] [...]


(AustraliaMatters) Do our actions in foreign countries post September 11, 2001 have anything to do with the influx of asylum seekers? If so, what responsibly do we take? Yes sure, before 9/11 refugees existed, but in the same numbers? I’m of the opinion that the US and Israeli governments played a major roll in 9/11. [...] [...]

Ludlam: Senate Blames “corrupted nerds” for Australian Surveillance State

(Sen Scott Ludlam) BREAKING: “corrupted nerds” cited as the reason for sweeping expansion of surveillance powers. Tweeted live from the Senate. Editors note: Johnny Howard’s mate G.W Bush said in 2001 that America was attacked because the terrorists “hate our freedoms”. The only ones taking freedoms away today are the Gillard and Obama so called governments. [...]

Video: Sen Scott Ludlam Calls For “Trapwire” Answers on 7 Sunrise

https://twitter.com/SenatorLudlam https://twitter.com/trapwire https://twitter.com/aussiematters [...]

Ludlam’s TrapWire questions go unanswered

(ZDNET) The Australian Senate has voted against answering questions about the video-surveillance system known as TrapWire. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam asked the Senate today to question the government on whether TrapWire is being used locally. His motion was denied, however, without calling for a division of the assembly. Following the vote, Ludlam addressed the Senate, expressing his [...] [...]