Endangered Species: Aussie TV Hero’s

australia_made(AustraliaMatters) Ever sense there’s been a war being waged on Australian Patriotism?

Who do we have in 2015 putting Australia on the global media map? A Queensland “hero” in a foreign land killing “insurgents” (aka freedom fighters) while protecting heroin poppie fields? Nah, that hero’s not for us.

Get too Aussie locally, and the ‘political correctness sqaud’ come out pushing us down into lips sealed prostrating positions before slashing us across the neck with their vitriol “bigot” hate labels.

Screw that — I’m a “bigot” that loved siting around on a Saturday night watching a clown and his stuffed ostrich make fools of themselves in front of a live Aussie, often participating, audience.

But that’s all gone now – replaced with American crap.

I’m a “bigot” that loved watching old grumble bum tell his Italian son-in-law to put his beer money on the fridge.

But that’s all gone now – replaced with American crap.

I’m a “bigot” that misses the way Australia was before the “100 year war” started splashing over our tellies. Bugged if I’m going to sit around watching planned wars on the telly or American CSI like fictional crap.

But that’s now the ‘programming’ norm. Feel patriotic for America.

Screw that — Whether it be 05 Brocky, or safari gear Irwin, Australia just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Our big name TV hero’s have either passed on, contracts expired, or cancelled.

TV networks can’t screen for new Aussie talent in 2015? Of course they can, but don’t. We’re not pinning for effeminate men dressed in cooking aprons or silly Summer Bay fiction “programing” showing us how to live.  Paul Hogan re-runs are OK, but don’t have the same live impact after 30 years. Where’s our fresh talent?

My HDD TV serves as a computer monitor now days only used to watch internet videos on.

We stumbled across an Aussie on YouTube a year ago that inspires the Aussie Patriot spirit. An Aussie guy that should be on the Australian telly inspiring other Australians.

Below is a real Aussie character that sadly the Americans have discovered, whilst the media in his own country have ignored for some reason.

Meet our favorite 2015 Australian made talent, all the way from the suburbs of Woolongong, NSW, Mr Andrew Ucle.