​Tony Howard, or was that John Abbott?

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(AustraliaMatters) The supposed Australian opposition leader, a guy facing off with a red head,  Tony Abbott has come to the collusion he’s inadequate to be our loving Australian Prime Minister unless he first images himself after former “golden age”  Liberal and twelve year ruling PM, Johnathon Winston Howard.

Digging through the archive of Johnny W Howard videos, above comes this oldie but a goodie some might remember from YouTube, but remixed with “new international order” war criminal J.W Howard.

Tony Abbort really wants to clone himself after that war criminal? Abbott wrongfully had Pauline Hanson imprisoned. Maybe Tony Abbort, err, Tony Howard will make for a good clone after all.

Trouble is, Howard was subservient to America, and America is subservient to Israel. Stand-by for more illegal activities, Syria, Iran, etc.

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