Posted November 03, 2008
Rod Freeman
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9 Trillion Dollar Indigenous GOLD Bullion Payout?

Indigenous Australian community member Mark McMurtrie, reveals what could be a driver behind the 2008 "global financial crisis" matter, and the sort contrived "war" on Russia or China, pushed by a NGO company called RAND corporation.

The below transcript is from the 2 minute and 46 second point in the video
(note for parents: some colorful Australian language is used in the clip)

"What happened was, that in the [19]30's, the British Parliament established a fund, because they knew that sooner or later they were going to get their bums sore by the Indigenous people, and the countries they invaded. Now that money was put into an account, and when it came time to set up a World Bank, they, the people establishing the World Bank, needed unsecured funds, and the only unsecured funds of an amount sufficient to do the job was the monies in the trust account established for the Indigenous peoples of Australia and Pacific Islands. At a ceremony at Uluru, or Yulara rather, on about the 8th of August last year, there was a symbolic handing back of a spear and a (inaudible). What that represented was, the return to the Elders there, one of the Elders who was about 95, as soon as he saw the spear he knew what it was, because the spear originally about 70 odd years ago originated from Uluru and he was there when the ceremony took place back then. The trustee to the fund was now, who lives in, he's a Mowrie, but lives in Sydney, I think in about another month or so he's moving back to New Zealand because he has to complete what he has to do over there now. On the 30th of June next year [2009] this particular fund matures, and in August last year, early August last year, we gave notice to the commonwealth government, and the New Zealand government, and the Pacific Island governments, and British Parliament, that we want the money from that fund to be paid in [gold] bullion, as required by the agreement, on the 30th of June next year [2009]. Now for the Aboriginal people of Australia there's currently a shade over nine [9] trillion US dollars. Yes, there's a shade over nine [9] trillion dollars. Why do you think the shudders went through the money markets as of August [2007] last year?"

Yes, he said "Trillion" with a "T", not Billion with a "B"

Could this be for real? Mark McMurtrie and those around him believe so - Even if true, good luck getting an ounce of silver from the 'new world odor' usury moneychangers whom have been hoarding gold away since the 'golden dawn' of time for their one world dictatorship dream where "6,000" inbreed "elite" rule, and the rest of us boot lick.

All questions about this matter should be asked on the original YouTube Channel

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Stay tuned for the foreign 1973 Club of Rome portfolio plot handed to the right track Liberal Howard,
now in the care of left track Labor Rudd, heading for the same destination (without your consent) called...
The 'Pacific Union' (P.U)

05/11/08 UPDATE: We sent out favorite International Forecaster, Bob Chapman an email with a copy of the above~
He replied back with the below..
"Thank you for the information on the Indigenous people and the money that is owed to them. They probably will get paid off in depreciated dollars. I do not see an Amero but I do see a new world trading unit consisting of 10 or 20 currencies plus 15% in gold, if that happens the dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world and they will inflate the hell out of it." Bob Chapman

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